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5 Years?

“11/17 – Describe your life in 5 years.”


Wow.. In five years.. 2022. That’s actually pretty crazy to think about. As a senior in university I honestly can only think about how bad my life is going to suck in a couple weeks for finals and hopefully I will survive all of them. Ha. No. I’m joking. Kind of..

In five years I hope to still be riding BMX on a professional level and being some kind of designer. I have thought about taking a couple years off of school to go back to real world life and then come back to school to get a masters of some sorts. But who knows, maybe I won’t ever come back to school after I’m free.

I know I will at least be living in California I can tell you that!

I really don’t have much for this post, I apologize for wasting your time.

Till next time!

xo angie marie