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Well, I’ve been in China for almost two weeks now. TWO WEEKS. Before coming on this trip, I was so excited! CHINA! Now with only a few days left, I can’t wait to get out of here. I came to China for two BMX contests. So there hasn’t been too much down time. China is so different (obviously) than the US. I’m not going to lie, the environment is pretty bad. The air quality is disgusting. We all wore face masks to avoid getting respiratory infects and getting sick.

Besides the bad air quality and the crazy food. China has probably the coolest architecture. Sorry this photo isn’t too great, but the geometric building is amazing. Oh, and that’s not fog, that’s just the air pollution haze over the city. (sad day). Anyways. I was so excited to see so many modern looking buildings.

Note to self : China has really cool architecture.

PS : Don’t forget your face mask!

xo angie marie