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INFP Personality

“For my final project in my Media Editing class we were given the option to choose from three questions and then create a piece of media of whatever medium that speaks to us the most.

The question I chose was – “What does it mean to be a _______ personality? (Insert your own Meyers-Briggs personality type here). Think of this as describing a personality type through media. Please be creative and think deeper than a collage/barrage of visual elements.”

I chose to create a video that highlighted some of my INFP personality strengths. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Music – ODESZA – Say My Name (Luke Shay Remix)

Revisiting and reflecting on pieces I created in the past is probably one of my favorite things to do. It’s great to not only see all the things you have created, but it gives you a sense of how far you have come or maybe how far you need to go. I created this video almost two years ago! My Media Editing class could have been boring for me since I knew how to already use the Adobe suite, final cut, etc.. but I decided to push myself and try to push my creativity. This video is the perfect example. College is only what you make of it. The more you give in, the more you get out! You could easily pass all your classes not caring about the projects or lectures, but what are you actually getting out of this? Yeah, I have taken a couple total BS classes, but there’s always something you can take away from them.


xo angie marie