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Social media is such a funny thing in today’s world. But I love it. I almost wish I would have went to school for marketing, but on the other hand I don’t think I would have the attention span to sit in those lecture classes. Ugh.

Anyways! I’m such a sucker for Instagram. I don’t have time for Facebook, Linkedin is boring, Youtube is so time consuming and MySpace is dead.

I’ve been trying to get better at posting often. I went to a work meeting and they gave us a little pep talk on how you should be posting on Instagram 1-3 times a day to keep interaction and stay relevant. Kind of absurd, 3 posts.. but it made me think about the logistics. What are the best days? What are the best times? I have a crap ton of followers all over the world, how do I know what time is “the best”. You don’t, but you can find trends. I found this chart that breaks down the supposedly best days and times to post. I’ve been trying to follow with it and I do have to stay two things about it..

1: Posting videos at night around 9 pm usually do get more traffic

2: Posting photos between 8-9am get a lot of traffic as well

That’s all I got for you.

xo angie marie