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Lady Luck

This semester I took an overload of credits and I’m really hating myself for it. 7 classes is never a good idea especially with a couple studio classes. WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF. No, I’m actually kind of bummed, but I still learned from this mistake. I decided to take screen printing 2 for fun since I had a lot of fun taking the first class. I’m pretty sure the teacher doesn’t like me. He probably thinks I just skip his class because I’m over it, although I have made countless efforts to to let him know everything going on. Also, I really clacked on my projects. That makes me sad. I take so much pride in my work. All my ideas seemed great! I would execute them in Photoshop to make sure I’d like the colors. Then when I would go to print everything would go wrong.

Anyways, here is my first project, but the photoshop version. Titled Lady Luck.

Lesson learned : don’t rush if you’re screen printing.

xo angie marie