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You’re probably thinking.. what does turquoise have to do with networking??

Well.. let me tell you..

So if you didn’t already know, I’m a silversmith. For the most part, I only work with silver and turquoise. Living in the Southwest, turquoise is pretty easy to come by. BUT, if you don’t know much about it you can be spending WAYYYYYYYYYY too much money on it. When I first started I just went to the local jewelry shop where I got my tools and bought stones through them. Unfortunately, they took advantage of people like me. As time went on, I found other sources to purchase stones. One in particular, is Lee. My friend Madison actually found him on Instagram! He ended up coming into our class with bags and bags of stones for us to buy. I took one of his business cards and have been a loyal customer of his since. Not only am I saving money by purchasing stones through him, Lee sources customs out to artists that buy stones from him.

Note to self: It’s a win, win. Always be nice to people and connect with everyone!

xo angie marie