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What is my future?

“Turquoise, the color of the heavens above. Feeling the wind in my hair, whipping through the changing winds. A free rider of my passions

I am an artist. An athlete. A designer.

An aggregation of form, athleticism, and design. I render my expressions with nature, a silversmith, intricate with detail, painting with turquoise stones, expressing my natural environment.

An athlete, where I absorb the world around me, introverted, yet focused on my sport, bicycle motocross.

A designer, where I infuse my artistry and athletic natural into one, design.”

If the word “future” doesn’t give you anxiety, then you’re probably doing something wrong. Holy wow. Hi! My name is Angie Marino. Welcome to my first blog post! I moved to Phoenix, Arizona a little over 3 years ago. I came to visit my mom. After a couple weeks of being here and a tour of Arizona State University, I was in love. (At least I thought). I signed up for classed and decided to stay. School is such a crazy, yet exciting thing. Growing up I was always an art kid. I took “advanced studio art” classes my junior and senior year in high school, which awarded me “college credits” for the classes. That was cool, but I didn’t go to college right out of high school and I went to high school in New York, which means there’s no way in hell that those credits would have transferred. ANYWAYS. I always have loved art, photography, social media and web design. I always knew I wanted to be a designer. BUT THERE’S SO MANY DIFFERENT PATHS TO TAKE. Omg. I’m still confused. Computer science, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, print major, studio art major… After talking to some friends who are actually in the design field, I decided to take the design route for school. I’m happy with my decision, going to school for art would have limited me and jobs in the design field.

Monthly Lesson: Go with your gut and hold on for the ride!

xo angie marie